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Barefoot saddles

Opinions differ on the subject of "saddles" - I know. And yes - I don't have a barefoot for Rion either. Anyway - I would be happy to deliver you a barefoot saddle. I also adapt the saddle to your horse.

Barefoot Saddle - Treeless saddle individually adjustable

Barefoot - fitting and delivery

After you have filled out this questionnaire and sent it back to us ( // Fax: 06898 93388 29) we will arrange a non-binding appointment to try on your horse's saddle.
We will be bringing some models of Barefoot saddles, girths and stirrups that we have in stock to this event. If you like a model and it fits, you can keep it. If not, we will be happy to order your desired model. If you are not enthusiastic about a barefoot saddle, the saddle fitting costs a flat rate of € 90.00. If you later buy a saddle from us, you will of course be reimbursed for the costs of the saddle fitting.

Incidentally, Equikinetic® and Dual-Activation® can help your horse to maintain a healthy back and be able to carry your rider's weight in the future.

Barefoot© Barrydale brown

Unit price € 889.00

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