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Scoot Boot Image Close-Up 2 Minis.jpg
Scoot Boot Image Close-Up 2 Minis.jpg


The horse was not born to be ridden - but you can ride it. Then we have to protect it. The back and the hooves.
ScootBoots hoof boots are fantastic shoes for every purpose.

ScootBoots - the right shoe for every horse

Trying on and delivery of ScootBoots

I will come to you at the stable, work with you to find the right shoes for your horse and leave the right shoes there.
The best time for a fitting is about 14 days after the hoof trimmer has been with your horse.
So that I can get an impression of your horse and its hooves, please fill out this questionnaire and send it back to me in good time before the fitting appointment.

I would also be happy to show you the hoof boots during an Equikinetic® course or a Dual-Activation® course.


lieferbar !

New Enduro Hoof Boots are a Game Changer for High Heeled Horses

Sco0t Boots Hoof Boot

Single price € 95.00
Pair price € 180.00

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