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Muscle building through standardized exercises in the interval system. Suitable for any horse of any age, for dressage horses or leisure horses.

The Equikinetic® lunging program is easy to implement - and simply incredibly effective. The rider lunges his horse into position according to a fixed schedule. The mix of interval training and lunging is for young horses, rehabilitation horses, leisure horses and sport horses to work according to an individual, easy-to-execute training plan.

A horse needs strength and muscles to carry the human. The program allows you to keep your horse healthy, improve rideability and get your partner's undivided attention.
Because Equikinetic is based on the isokinetic training principle (iso = equal, kinesis = movement). This means that muscle groups are evenly tensed and trained during an exercise for a certain period of time. For this it is important that the muscles are stressed for the same length and not for different lengths of time.
Equikinetic® is an intensive, highly efficient training that can be used by anyone, across all riding styles.


What does your horse get from the Equikinetic?

  • The joint-supporting deep muscles are strengthened.

  • The movement-relevant surface muscles of your horse are properly trained

  • Your horse gets the strength it needs to carry the rider healthier.

  • Your horse's rideability will improve significantly.

  • The "straightening" of your horse is supported.

  • With newly gained strength, you enable your horse to move more efficiently.

  • Attention and concentration are encouraged and maintained in the highest form.

  • Rehab – Equikinetic serves as an efficient reconditioning program as a form of training after injuries or chronic diseases in the musculoskeletal system

  • Due to the newly gained muscle coordination, muscular imbalances between the muscle groups are clearly harmonized. This leads to an optimized muscle tone and thus to more effective and energy-saving movement sequences.

  • Equikinetic also helps your horse to relieve chronic pain, for example due to muscular imbalances in the movement and support apparatus.

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