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Dual-Activation® is much more than just lunging through blue and yellow foam poles.
Dual-Activation® enables the horses to switch the two hemispheres of the brain back and forth more quickly. What has been seen and learned can be processed more quickly. Dual-Activation® first trains the balance of the horse's brain. The balance of the two cerebral hemispheres is the prerequisite for optimal learning and thus for an optimally trained horse. Constant right-left changes, bending, straightening and concentration help the horse to improve its movement coordination and balance and to activate its hindquarters. The horses are straightened. With increased body awareness, horses often react more calmly in stressful situations. The horses are always improving their muscle growth.

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Lunging in dual activation

Lunging through the dual lanes is a first preparation and introduction to riding or lunge walking in dual activation. The horse is lunged through the alleys through simply constructed parcours. The size of the lunging circle is adjusted to the horse.
It is lunged through a sensibly thought-out course, which requires position and bending and thereby promotes coordination and balance. You can use the same parcours as in the Mounted Dual Activation.
When lodging, the horse only walks a few laps, then we quickly move on to the trot work.

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