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Position work / flag work
We begin every Quikinetic® and Dual Activation® training session with flag work. Flag work is right - left change for the horse. By moving the horse's head and neck towards the flag, which is swung back and forth under the head, the horse begins to consciously look at the flag with its eyes. It should walk straight at an even pace and only move its head in the direction of the flag.
Important ! At the same time, position  is related to the partner horse through flag work. Position work is the key to a good relationship with your horse.


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position work

In a herd of horses, the ranking is not determined by who is the stronger, but by who has the best leadership qualities.
Horses test whether humans are able to make the right decision in an emergency. It is often the smallest movements, centimeters, that they conquer. Leading begins the moment horse and human meet. It's not about dominance, but about offering trust and security through sovereign leadership, in order to then have a reliable partner at your side. This is achieved with sensibly thought-out leading exercises and moving into the correct position on the horse.

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