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Shiatsu is a Japanese body therapy and literally means "finger pressure". Shiatsu for horses is offered by my wife Else Kiesling-Eckel




Shiatsu for horses is a wonderful way to give your horse deep relaxation.

As with humans, I apply mindful pressure to different points on the horse's body. These points allow your horse to respond to the applied pressure with deep relaxation. The points also lie on or are part of meridians. These are energy channels that run through the entire body (regardless of whether it is a human or a horse) and are connected to the organs. Blockages in the flow of the meridians can be the cause of diseases, pain and various symptoms. The pressure applied removes these blockages and the energy in the meridians can flow freely again. The entire system receives health-promoting impulses. The self-healing powers are activated.

Are you interested in a Shiatsu treatment for your horse, but still have questions? I would be happy to provide you with a free preliminary talk. Please make your appointment here .

Important: I am not an animal healer and do not make any diagnoses! The Shiatsu treatments for horses serve the well-being of the animals and do not replace any necessary treatment by the veterinarian, animal naturopath, osteopath or physiotherapist.
Shiatsu is not an exercise according to Michael Geitner but an additional offer from us.

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